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The Impact of Culture on Best Practice Production Management Essay

The Impact of Culture on Best Practice Production Management - Essay Example Administrations industry is the quickest developing section on the planet economy and the greatest test is consumer loyalty which relies on administration quality (Bick, Abratt and Moller, 2010). Client assistance greatness gets basic to accomplish consumer loyalty which thus converts into client dependability. Associations are persuaded that client support conveys benefits and subsequently quality administration programs have been made that relate the administration credits to how clients would assess quality (Bolton and Drew, 1991). This infers relationship building abilities are fundamental for individual and authoritative achievement. Client assistance greatness depends on client understanding, division and administration (CSE, n.d.). Division assists with understanding the requirements of the clients which vary across societies. Division is executed through the way toward distinguishing and separating between bunches that have comparable needs or needs. By concentrating on their requirements, inspiration and decisions, the association can accomplish client care greatness as they understand that one-size-fit-all methodology in not appropriate in the administration business. Client assistance greatness works at three particular levels †as a driver of nonstop improvement, as an aptitudes advancement instrument and as a free approval of accomplishment. Culture, as per Hofstede, â€Å"is the aggregate programming of the psyche which recognizes the individuals from one gathering or class from another† (Hope and Muhlemann, 2001). It has additionally been characterized as the â€Å"software of the mind...† and culture is the way that a gathering of individuals take care of issues and accommodate difficulties (Lorenzoni and Lewis, 2004). In addition, clients from various foundations additionally have varying degrees of proficiency which impacts the assessment of execution principles (Pizam and Eliss, 1999).Cultural contrast cause contrasts in des ires, objectives, values and proposed game-plan. Social contrasts sway the belongingness, love and regard needs of people and these standards switch the Maslow’s chain of command of requirements hypothesis. Unobtrusive social contrasts can't be disregarded as the immediate effect can be seen in choices, results and conveyance of administration (Korac-Kakabadse and Kouzmin, 1999). To accomplish administration greatness associations would need to guarantee that representatives are sufficiently prepared in the various components of culture that show from numerous points of view. Sign of social contrasts can be found in language and correspondence styles, in articulation of feelings and non-verbal communication, in social traditions and dietary patterns. The most profound and the most imbued sign of culture is the social suppositions from which stem the standards and qualities (Lorenzoni and Lewis, 2004). The most noticeable indication of culture is ordinary social guidelines. Ho fstede has recognized four unique measurements on which culture can be estimated. These incorporate the force separation, independence, vulnerability evasion and manliness. Societies recognize individuals by they way they carry on, keep up connections and identify with one another in an assortment of ways. It likewise impacts the disposition towards time and the mentality towards nature. Every one of these components uplift the significance of guaranteeing that representatives are prepared in understanding the subtleties of various social foundations before client support greatness can be normal. The neighborliness business is assorted in nature and every client is individual in his/her needs and needs. A similar client may have various needs and requests in various circumstances (Baum and Nickson, 1998). Social contrasts sway the result of business on the grounds that as indicated by Hofstede various societies suggest distinctive mental programming (Gilbert and Tsao, 2000).

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Argumentative Essay: Classmate vs Parents

Do you concur or differ with the accompanying articulation: â€Å"Classmates have more effect on a child’s achievement in school than guardians do†. Utilize explicit reasons and guides to help your answer. Phenomenal scholastic execution is the fantasy of pretty much every child. There are numerous components influencing children’s accomplishment in school, two of which are colleagues and guardians. The inquiry that who has assumed increasingly significant job is by all accounts a questionable issue. By and by I think guardians by one way or another contribute progressively because of the accompanying reasons.Firstly it is regularly said that guardians are who comprehend kids the most. In addition to the fact that they have a careful picture of the children’s intrigue, however they are additionally ready to make sense of their qualities and shortcomings. On account of the well-off experience they have, guardians should be the ideal kid’s advisors in school life, offering them great guidance under any conditions. In spite of the fact that father and mother may not help with the scholastic information, they can even now share the working aptitudes, for instance time the executives, or help adequately in a difficult situation, similar to a little dog love.If it hadn’t been for parental direction, there must be a considerable lot of us who couldn't be that effective in school. Additionally, it will be extremely difficult for any children to vanquish the examination top if there is no parental help in term of time and cash. There are numerous undeniable models here in Vietnam indicating the mind blowing endeavors of rustic guardians who decide to sell everything in the house all together that their children can take the college entrance examination.I myself despite everything recall the hour of elementary school when my dad needed to travel roughly 20 kilometers each morning to take me to class; the amount I owe him! Unquali fied love is the main explanation behind these unlimited penances. Adversaries who believe that colleagues may have more noteworthy effect on study achievement have their point in contending that equivalent matured companions can are better at helping each other in school subjects; and magnificent friends can have an awesome effect on kids. It is evident that schoolmates additionally assume a significant job in children’s scholastic execution just as school relationships.However, the inquiry is, what number of a kid’s friends can remain close by through difficult time in such a long report life? Cohorts are not as experienced as guardians to assist kids with making up their brains in significant investigation choice too. While school colleagues are kids’ accomplices, guardians are their life-time friends. To summarize, I need to underscore that the two cohorts and guardians do impact over a child’s scholarly execution, however the latters have a greater s aying. Furthermore, kids need numerous different elements to be fruitful, in school, yet in their future life.

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Overflowing with Mail! - UGA Undergraduate Admissions

Overflowing with Mail! - UGA Undergraduate Admissions Overflowing with Mail! As of 3 p.m., we have received 17 bins of mail today. If we had to stack it up one on top of the other, it would be about 15-20 feet high. It is sort of like our own small-scale model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In other words, it will take us several days to dig ourselves out of this immense deluge of mail (I do not think I have ever actually used the word deluge in a sentence, but it seemed to fit). So again, the word of the week is patience, as we will slowly but surely get open all of this mail, scan it into our system, and drop it into the applicant files. And remember, every reply to a call/email we have to take to answer the question I sent X on Friday, and I wanted to check and see if it was in yet is time lost in matching materials. So spread the word at school and at work, be patient and let us have time to match up all of the materials. It will show up on the status check soon! Go Dawgs!

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Anti American Sentiment Among The United States - 1047 Words

Anti-American sentiment grew in Afghanistan as a result of American policy neither leaving the country alone nor helping to rebuild it. When the Geneva Accords were signed on April 14, 1988, it ended Soviet involvement and ushered in a new era for Afghanistan. The creation of a radical, extremist government by the Taliban allowed for other extremists to join them in establishing a radical Muslim state. Many foreign investors, such as Osama Bin Laden, funded the Taliban army in exchange for political control. According to journalist Ahmed Rashid, â€Å"[Osama] funded a lot of their activities. He provided funds to them. And he s also become a kind of ideological mentor of theirs in the sense he introduced them in many ways to the world of†¦show more content†¦America didn’t focus enough on the people living there, creating a perilous enemy. The terrorist organizations were able to easily organize support and recruitment because everyone could see American influence an d organizations around them, without their situation being improved at all. In the aftermath of 9/11, the American government passed the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act to prevent future attacks and catch terrorists, but instead these acts led to the decline of the freedom of Americans. The USA Patriot Act is an acronym that stands for Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism and was passed on October 26, 2001 to expand the tools that law enforcement agencies had in fighting terrorists. The act armed law enforcement with tools for surveillance of terrorists, such as wiretaps and access to business documents. Theoretically, these additions to the law would allow for terrorists to be apprehended before they would attack. In an NSA manual, called â€Å"Transition 2001†, the agency detailed their plans for fighting terrorists in the 21st century. The manual detailed a new mission statement for American int elligence, â€Å"Intelligence and information systems security complement each other. Intelligence gives the nation an information advantage over its adversaries. Information systems security prevents others from gaining advantage over the nation. TogetherShow MoreRelatedHow Isolationism Is A Part Of American Policy1602 Words   |  7 PagesIsolationism was a part of American policy beginning when George Washington made his Farewell Address in 1796 and lasting to the end of World War II. Factors like thousands of miles of sea between the US and Europe, fear of entangling alliances and a desire to remain autonomous contributed to the overall isolationist sentiment of many Americans. In addition, nativist sentiment has been present throughout American history as a product of isolationism and, among other factors, wage depression and fearRead Moreâ€Å"The Home Of The Chinese Race Is In Asia, And A Great Future1380 Words   |  6 Pagesbetween the united states and Canada in preven ting Chinese immigration to not only America, but all North America. His rhetoric reflects the deeply institutionalized anti-Chinese racism in the United States. Anti-Chinese racism, throughout the mid-nineteenth century, emerged as a major political issue as the Chinese immigrant population rose in the western United States and instances of racial violence against Chinese immigrants occurred across the United States. Anti-Chinese racism in the United StatesRead MoreCanada s Initial Reception Of Chinese Immigrants1269 Words   |  6 PagesChapter Four: Canada’s Initial Reception of Chinese Immigrants Contrary to the United States’ initial warm welcome to Chinese immigrants, Canada began their era of peak Chinese immigration with hostility. One large factor in why this occurred can be found in the time frame of peak Chinese immigration to Canada which was after the United States enacted their Chinese Exclusion Act (1882) which effectively prevented almost all new Chinese immigrants from entering the US for the following decade. BecauseRead MoreMilestone Of Women s Rights Movement1736 Words   |  7 Pageswomen’s right convention. It was the milestone in the entire movement of women’ rights, which has positive lofty significance for all the women in the world, because through this convention an organized women’s right movement was initiated in the United States. Many historians associated the Seneca Convention as part of Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s biography, owing to the fact that she was the event’s main organizer. In fact, it was only rece ntly when the Seneca Convention was recognized by historians asRead More Emancipations Of Slaves And Women In The Early Nineteenth Century1209 Words   |  5 PagesIn three decades prior to the outbreak of Civil War, the Northern United States abounded with movements yearning for social transformation. The two most important movements, the ones that struck deeply at the foundations of American society, that ones that were so influential that they indeed provided the historical background to the two immense issues that Americans continue to debate and struggle with, were the crusades for the abolition of slavery and the equality of women. In the early nineteenthRead MoreHolocaust Research Paper834 Words   |  4 PagesIn New York, United States a new wave of Jewish refugees is going to create a new American identity among society. To the skepticism of the grand percent of the Jewish community, America was indeed the gateway from dictatorship, prejudice, persecution, and death to Jews. An impressive 85% of Jews have experienced or witnessed anti-Semitic remarks at some point in their lives, according to a poll by the World Zionist Organization’s International Center for Countering Anti-Semitism. During the earlyRead MoreThe Great Depression Of The 1930s925 Words   |  4 Pagesignited an uproar and began a strike movement among the betaberleros (sugar beet workers), who felt it was an injustice to lower wages and face discrimination just because they were minorities (Barajaos, 29-51). As commotion was occurring within the Oxnard Plain of California, conflict between the residents of the agricultural community of Watsonville and the Filipino farm labor community emerged. Many Watsonville residents showed a strong anti-Filipino sentiment, as well as social and sexual stereotypingRead MoreRacism in the United States787 Words   |  3 Pagescountry as the United States, racism continues evident against people of different ethnic traits and skin color. According to Steinberg (Steinberg, 1995), racial discrimination has been the most important cause of inequality between whites and blacks in the U.S. Because of that, minorities in American society have been fighting over years for equal rights and respect, starting with the civil rights movement in 1960s. Also, public policies implemented since 1964 in the United States have been instrumentalRead MoreEssay on Same-Sex Parenting and Child Development1110 Words   |  5 PagesSame-Sex Parenting In the last ten years, many established gay men and lesbians have been increasingly undertaking parenthood through donor insemination, surrogacy, or fostering and adoption (McCann, 2005). Thus, a new type of family formation in American society has been generated. Due to the formation of same-sex households, gay and lesbian parenting is no longer a concept. This type of parenting has become a reality which society as a whole is struggling to accept (McCann, 2005). In 2010, theRead MoreChinese Immigration to the United States 1692 Words   |  7 Pagesthe first Chinese who immigrated to the United States struggled with many challenges against their race and objectives. They traveled abroad with hopes of returning to their home country with wealth and power to support the family that remained in China. Introduced as aliens with a culture and lifestyle that was different from the American race, the Chinese were given the impressions as an inferior group of people and were seen as threats to the Americans’ job securities. In 1860, immigration numbers

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Comparison of the Lincolns Gettysburg Address and...

Sabrina Simer 9/27/06 Reaction Paper After reading both speeches I found that the purpose of Pericless speech was to honor the ancestors, the survivors, the ones who died for the country, and their families. It was also to speak of the goodness of Athens and reiterate how rewarding having a democracy is. The purpose of Lincolns speech was very similar. It was to dedicate a monument as the final resting place for those who have died in the civil war; it was also to reinforce the fact that there is unfinished work. It is for us the living rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who have fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. (Lincoln Gettysburg Address) In my opinion the Gettysburg Address is a†¦show more content†¦Pericles on the other hand was speaking after a war had ended at a ceremony held for the dead and he was chosen to speak. He did more of a eulogy whereas Lincoln was an address of the war that was still occurring. I didnt like the fact that though Lincoln was dedicating a monument to the ones who have died he did not mention the families of the lost ones. Pericles does. As a matter of fact he mentions them more then once in his speech. Comfort, not condolence, is what I have to offer to the parents of the dead who may be here. (Pericles Funeral Oration) the next time he mentions the families it is geared toward the men. Turning to the sons and brothers of the dead, I see an arduous struggle before you. When a man is gone, all are wont to praise him, and should your merit be ever so transcendent, you will still find it difficult not merely to overtake, but even to approach their renown.(Pericles, Funeral Oration) Both Lincoln speech and Pericles speech can be used today. I say this because it is relevant to current issues such as the war in Iraq. Bush just as the speakers mention in this essay say that there is honor in fighting, there is a cause for fighting, we are protecting democracy, and there is work left undone. These are all the major points i n keeping a nation patriotic and wanting to continue theShow MoreRelatedComparison of Lincolns Gettysburg Address and Pericles Funeral Oration 870 Words   |  4 PagesLincoln’s â€Å"Gettysburg Address† and Pericles â€Å"Funeral Oration† are both speeches that clearly portray similar and diverse components. To begin, Lincoln and Pericles both express tone in similar ways. In order to encourage his frazzled and hopeless soldiers and families, in addition to emphasizing the deceased, Lincoln needed to state his tone in an explicit and benevolent approach in the â€Å"Gettysburg Address†. To do this, Lincoln begins his speech with â€Å"Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers

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Innovation Involved in the Development of the Apple Mac Free Essays

In my Essay I will discuss the role of technology as it‘s incorporated as an explicit component, focusing on the conceptualisation, Invention, innovation, and diffusion of Apple technologies, specifically aiming the topics towards the development of the Apple Mac. Whilst also looking at how the fundamentals of the mac’s core competencies has a ripple effect on the development of new technology across the Apple range and how this contributed to an understanding of information technology and productivity throughout the company. The developments of the original conception of the first generation of Personal computers were focused on hard core developers who used them to write programs. We will write a custom essay sample on Innovation Involved in the Development of the Apple Mac or any similar topic only for you Order Now From this the need for a universal machine that operates between program and Data was being conceptualised quasi-simultaneously by new innovators who had realized the need to bring the â€Å"personal computer† to the average user but couldn’t previously as it had an inchoate form. Invention Apples CEO Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh to the market in 1984. It was the first personal computer that was affordable and using an infusion of existing technology created a machine which was a â€Å"spin off† invention that lay the foundation of the technology which we use today on a daily basis. â€Å"What makes a business resource truly strategic-what gives it the capacity to be the basis of a sustained competitive advantage you gain an edge over rivals only by having something or doing something that they can’t have or do.†- Carr â€Å"Generations acquire knowledge from the preceding generations, create new inventions with new knowledge, and transmit the modified knowledge to the next generation which is expected to create more innovations† – Thomas Schott Inventions are created in every era, most of the time as an adaptation of a previous work or concept made for the purpose of practical activity to solve some form of a problem. The invention of the Mac is attributed to Jeff Raskin whose Semiotic labor when developing the idea of the computer at an intellectual level was quickly forgotten once the Mac was seen as an amazing new invention even though the conceptual basis of the technology already existed, Apple merely amalgamated it. Once again like many times throughout history the â€Å"hero inventor† who was the Front man of the project Steve Jobs, was attributed with the creation of the Mac. When in reality the material technology was created by a team of humans pooling their intellectual knowledge and encompassing it into this new invention. The problem arises when people confuse innovation potential with practical value, assuming the lack of limits on development necessarily implies a lack of limits to its usefulness†- Steve Lohr Innovation The situation had been created where Apple has placed themselves with a competitive advantage over their competitors and as Maurice Holmes Chief Engineer of Xerox Corp tells us â€Å"The only way we can sustain competitive advantage in I.T is to learn faster than the rest of the world† In Today’s world, Technology diffuses so rapidly it is hard for us so determine which new technologies are going to change â€Å"society† as we know it and which are going to be forgotten in the dustbin of history. Apple found itself in difficulty once its CEO was removed from the board. The new leadership wanted more products and particularly with the Mac there were new versions coming out every six months. Apple had lost its competitive advantage and was in a poor state. They survived in an extremely competitive industry by returning to its original source of sustainable advantage, a flair for design, tight integration between hardware and software particularly with the Mac and its successors and a strong brand image. Along with a CEO whose goals were to innovate the technology of the future which would change the world. They were in a position to Pursue the innovations of The Mac and the new handheld device market more so than their competitors’ as they knew competitors would have a hard time adapting their strategies, being either held back by the need for new technological changes, infrastructure changes or timeframe constraints to adapt to the new markets. â€Å"Some companies may find that the risks of aggressive innovation outweigh the potential benefits, there are still times when it makes strategic sense to get out in front ahead of the game† – Carr Diffusion A perfect example of someone coming into a market as a late adaptor is Apple. They took great advantage from previous products made from other companies. By observing the new products which were being constantly diffused and tracking trending patterns Apple were able to see what the consumer wanted, more importantly what the other products lacked. The application of their ability to create cutting edge designs, and manufacture this to the highest of quality and couple it with the well established brand apple exploded into the market. â€Å"The technological progress has no bounds, and acts of innovation can and will demolish all barriers to growth and success† –Carr Technology has been into the workplace at an exponentially increasing rate over the last few decades. Many companies see new technology as the means to increase profit margins and to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Apple is the market leaders because they have been able to penetrate major markets in the U.S such as the private and public sector, education and transport. The increase in this technology, over the last decade in particular the Apple brand has increasingly become more successful is their constant focus on user-experience. Many businesses have benefited from incorporating the Mac and other apple products into their businesses organisations. One of the more notable businesses is Pepsi-Co. â€Å"With iPhone and iPod, we can be more efficient and get in front of problems before they even happen.†- Brian Spearman The Mac, along with the IPhone and Ipad have transformed Pepsi’s business operations substantially through their logistics demand having to be coordinated, communications systems, their Mac and IPhone Apps and even manage their orders to meet retail and consumer demand. There is no question that the efficiency of the Mac and the apple brand has caused some companies to realize that they may not need as much man power because the technology is there to replace them. Taking into mind a decade ago information technology only: â€Å"delivered great benefits to a handful of firms, but for most it has been a source of frustration and disappointment than of glory. It was a simple factor of production, a commodity input that was necessary for competitiveness but insufficient for advantage† –Carr Now technology is not only being implemented into organisations but is transforming and surpassing human capacities in certain fields. Conclusion Some distinctions do penetrate our discourse as it becomes useful to us. The Macintosh has evolved into Apple’s current lines of computers, the iMacs, Mac Mini, MacBook’s, and more, but the original Macintosh system will always be an icon, and an innovative product that changed the way we use computers and what we use them for. It has helped apple go from selling computers to becoming a top seller in IPods, and now more recently the strongest brand in the smartphone market and one of the most recognisable brands in the world. It can be seen that the distinctions between the conceptualisation, invention, innovation and diffusion of the Apple Mac are essential. Through the original idea of the computer and the concept of the need for a universal computer, and how this idea has developed and seen the invention of new technology of the Mac and the many different versions we have seen since its invention. From the invention of this new technology, Apple have innovated the way we interact with each other had have also played an essential role in how businesses are able to run their companies more effectively and efficiently, cutting out non-essential costs where they are no longer needed and replacing them with technology. Through the constant diffusion of new innovation products it is clear to be seen that Apple as a company have reaped the reward of being the an early adaptor, taking the first step into an new market and flourishing it into a strong brand and making it a part of our everyday life. How to cite Innovation Involved in the Development of the Apple Mac, Papers

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Vapiano Restaurant

Introduction With the recent economic crisis across many countries in the world, one can easily give up an idea of starting a new business. Starting a business like a fast food restaurant can especially seem less appealing due to the high level of competition that already exists in this particular food restaurant market.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Vapiano Restaurant specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, as it has been proven again by the new and expanding Vapiano food restaurant, innovation is the most critical aspect that is required to grow and expand a business. The designers of the Vapiano restaurant concept have targeted and appealed to a particular segment of customers who have in turn continued to flood her steps in increasing numbers (Lam et al. 2011). Here, we will look at the range of unique services and technology that have been employed by Vapiano restaurant to attract customers. History and Concept Vapiano restaurant was established in 2002 in Hamburg (Germany) by a man named Mark Korzilius (Kilian 2011). Mark wanted to introduce a concept whereby customers could order and enjoy fast foods with an Italian taste within an atmosphere that they could be part of (Kilian 2011). Here, the main menu that would be availed to customers includes pizzas, salads, and pastas. Apart from unique menus, Vapiano intended to provide unique services that would attract customers to visit her restaurants. Usually, meals are prepared in an open environment where customers can see. Besides, the design of the restaurants has been done with a focus on creating a modern atmosphere (Bowen 1986). Thus, the entire Vapiano package is intended to lure customers with her new, affordable, and casual eating experience within a modern environment (Lam et al. 2011). About two thirds of the customers that have been visiting Vapiano restaurants are women (Fama 2005). Vapiano has mostly targeted affluent i ndividuals with high incomes; the majority of these customers are aged between twenty five to forty five years. Most of Vapiano customers live in highly populated urban centres across Europe and the United States. Importantly, Vapiano has introduced an attractive technology experience through its payment method (Fama 2005). Here, customers use a chip card to charge and pay for services. With the mentioned unique services, Vapiano has been able to offer high value services to her customers (Head 2008). Having initially started in Germany, Vapiano restaurant has expanded to Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. With the help of other investors, Mark Korzilius designed the Vapiano business model for the purpose of continually expanding and refining the Vapiano business (Fama 2005).Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Following the opening of the initial Dà ¼sseldorf franchise in 2004, more restaurants were opened afterwards. As the Vapiano model has continually appealed to customers, it has also continuously expanded across Germany and the rest of the world. Currently, Vapiano has been targeting market segments across the world with the demography concept in mind (Head 2008). However, as it expands further, the company could need to design business concepts that would appeal to unique cultures across the world (Lam et al. 2011). Like most of the other markets where Vapiano has ventured, the German market is highly competitive with a range of restaurants that employ diverse approaches to attract customers. Some of these restaurants are run by international companies like the McDonald (Fama 2005). Here, many people are adopting changing lifestyles such as outdoor eating habits. Such a direction has thus expanded the market of fast food restaurants like Vapiano (Lehn 2008). One important approach that has been employed by Vapiano to target the ex panding market of restaurant eaters has been to offer a package of affordable and quality restaurant services to her customers. Therefore, although the products and services of Vapiano restaurants are relatively affordable when compared to her rivals, customers here can still enjoy high quality services that match the restaurant concept (Kilian 2011). Services and Technology Vapiano restaurant provides customers with fast food Italian dishes within a modern environment. Although the design of Vapiano buildings may vary in style, all of them have a modern European architecture with at least one tree planted within the buildings as a symbol of freshness (Lam et al. 2011). Having started in Germany, Vapiano has expanded to over seventy locations across Europe and the rest of the world. Currently, the Vapiano Company is intending to add about one hundred more locations in the United States to its expanding franchise (Lehn 2008). Usually, Vapiano restaurants are in highly populated locat ions in urban centres. These urban centres must have a large number of high income earners aged between twenty five to forty years. Besides, Vapiano restaurants are usually located nearby a place of attraction such as a theatre where they can tap into the high number of customer inflow. So as to improve efficiency and serve her customers better, Vapiano restaurants have a layout that is specifically designed to increase efficiency (Lehn 2008). The layout of Vapiano restaurants is usually divided into two sections: the food section and the bar section. The food section is further divided into three counters that serve different types of dishes. The three dishes that are mainly served at the three different counters are pizzas, salads and pasta (Lam et al. 2011). Here, depending on the meal that they would like to be served, customers can move to appropriate counters for the services that they need. Usually, meals at the three counters are made on orders.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Vapiano Restaurant specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Upon entry into a Vapiano restaurant, a customer will first report at a registry. Here, customers are given RFID chip cards for the processing of their meal payment (Lehn 2008). From the registry, customers move into the bar area. Here, customers are greeted and availed the option of taking drinks at this particular section. However, customers can decide to skip taking drinks and move directly to the food area. As I had mentioned, the food section is divided into three sections that serve different kinds of meals (mainly pasta, salads and pizza) (Frances 2006). Thus, customers can select specific counters where they can order their meals. Once customers report at specific counters, they are offered seats from where they can watch the preparation of their meals by cooks. Usually, customers will have a chance of interacting with cooks as they wait for their m eals to be ready. As it is often the case, there is very limited number of waiters (whose work is primarily to clear the tables). Such an arrangement of cooking meals close to customers helps to reduce the number of waiters, and thus help in reducing labour costs for the restaurant (Lehn 2008). Moreover, cooks are thus given another role of controlling customer flow at their restaurants. Once they finish their meals, customers make payments at their respective counters. Here, customers have an option of moving back to the bar section to enjoy more drinks as they relax (Frances 2006). Usually, the number of available chip cards is equal to the number of seats that are available to customers for a particular restaurant. Since customers can sit anywhere they wish, it is common to see different customers share tables. I would like to mention that some Vapiano restaurants have a different layout from the on that I have mentioned above. For example, instead of having the bar section befor e the food section, the Boston restaurant has a bar section on the side of the food section instead. Here, I would like to describe range of unique services that are offered at Vapiano restaurant. As I had mentioned earlier, Vapiano restaurants have been designed to present customers with an atmosphere that is stylish and modern. As such, all of the Vapiano restaurants have been built with an attractive European architecture. I had also mentioned about the presence of a tree in the restaurants as a sign of freshness.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Usually, the theme of the restaurants is a fast and modern theme. Apart from fast Italian dishes, which are usually ready in just a few minutes after an order, the music that is played at the restaurants is usually fast music designed to resonate with the fast and modern theme at the restaurants. With their luxurious architecture and style, Vapiano restaurants attract high class customers to their stores. Despite serving traditional Italian dishes, the environment at the Vapiano restaurants deviates from the traditional Italian environment to a modern environment. Thus, young people with high incomes will especially find the package at the restaurants appealing (Lam et al. 2011). Moreover, the quality of food that is served at Vapiano restaurant differentiates it from other restaurants. As I had mentioned, most of the food that is served at the restaurant consists of traditional Italian dishes like salads and pasta. One particular aspect however that differentiates Vapiano from othe r Italian restaurants is the quality of Italian dishes that are served at Vapiano (Lam et al. 2011). When compared to the meals that are served at the more traditional Italian restaurants, the meals that are served at Vapiano restaurants are of poorer quality. Usually, cooks at Vapiano restaurants are not as highly skilled in preparing dishes as their counterparts at the traditional Italian restaurants (Frances 2006). Actually, meals at the Vapiano restaurants are designed for quick preparation instead of quality. Thus, meals that are served at Vapiano restaurants are usually pre made and frozen; hence, they can be prepared fast by the cooks. As we had briefly seen, another aspect that is unique to Vapiano restaurant is the low number of workers at the restaurant. Apart from preparing fast meals, cooks are also responsible for handling traffic flow, interacting with customers, serving customers, and in handling communication flow at the restaurants where they work (Lam et al. 2011). On the other hand, with the duty of just clearing tables, the number of waiters at Vapiano restaurants is usually low (Charles 1998). The result of such an arrangement results in customers moving a lot. Customers are required to move to counters and make orders. Besides, they are also required to find an appropriate place where they can sit (Fazzari 2006). Once they have finished their meals, customers are also required to move to the register and make payments. Again, such a concept is appropriate for an energetic and modern youth (Bowen 1986). The unique environment at Vapiano restaurant results in relatively low prices for customers. First, since customers do a lot of the movement, waiters at Vapiano restaurant are few; thus helping the restaurants to cut on labour costs (Fazzari 2006). The cut in labour costs can then be passed to customers through low prices. Besides, since the atmosphere at Vapiano restaurant is fast paced, customers are served their meals fast after which th ey move out for more customers to be served. Such an arrangement helps to increase the efficiency of Vapiano restaurants; hence, creating a big volume of customer inflows (Cuthbertson 2008). With a high capacity for customers, Vapiano restaurants are thus able to reduce their operating costs; hence, helping to pass the benefits to customers by charging low process for their services. Moreover, since there is a low emphasis on very high quality of meals and a high emphasis on speed, Vapiano restaurants are able to reduce the time and energy that is required to prepare meals; thus, helping to cut their overall costs of service. Although customers are generally encouraged to take their meals and leave the restaurant, they have an option of returning to the bar section of the restaurant where they can enjoy more drinks (Frances 2006). When a customer spends more money in buying drinks at the bar, they contribute to more revenues for the restaurants. Generally, the whole arrangement at V apiano restaurant is to increase efficiency; hence, helping to cut costs and thus contributing to the relatively low prices at the Vapiano restaurants (Charles 1998). Despite the low number of waiters and other workers at Vapiano restaurants, customers can still interact with the usually warm and friendly workers at the restaurant. Most pf the workers at Vapiano restaurants are generally friendly, cooperative and warm. The good attitude of workers at Vapiano restaurant has been helpful in promoting a positive experience for customers (Fazzari 2006). Unlike the traditional Italian restaurants that rely on reserves bookings to make preparation for customers, most of the Vapiano customers do not make bookings before visiting their favourite restaurant. However, due to the high efficiency system that is employed at the Vapiano restaurants, most customers will find available sits when they visit. Such a direction has been helpful in removing any inconveniences that could otherwise have a risen due to the large number of customers that visit the Vapiano restaurants (Cuthbertson 2008). The management of Vapiano restaurant has seen it necessary to develop a discount plan for their customers. As we had seen, customers are usually offered chip cards when they enter Vapiano restaurants. These chip cards enable customers to accumulate points that they can use later to obtain discounts (Koller 2005). The offer of a discount mechanism to her customers is among the important directions that have been designed by Vapiano restaurants to attract and keep a large number of customers (Vapiano 2011). Besides, the discount plan has also been helpful in promoting customer loyalty. As it had been seen, the use of chip cards has also been fruitful in helping the Vapiano restaurants to monitor the flow of customers. When the chip cards are unavailable, it means that the restaurant has reached its full capacity. In such instances, customers can wait for spaces at the bar as they enjoy dr inks. The general approach of increasing efficiency at Vapiano restaurants can also be seen through the use of chip cards. Since information on the number of customers that have visited the restaurants, collected revenues, and preferred meals is electronically stored to a database by the chip cards, useful information is easily availed to the management of the Vapiano restaurant (Cuthbertson 2008). For example, the management of Vapiano restaurants can use information that has been availed by the chip cards to know about the types of meals that have been consumed most within a specific period; hence helping the management to buy future stocks. Likewise, the management can easily obtain information on revenues and profits that have been made from a database that has been linked to the chip cards (Koller 2005). Generally, the chip cards are useful in helping the management of Vapiano restaurant to obtain important information for the effective running of their restaurants (Charles 199 8). Currently, the cost of a single chip card is fifty dollars. A challenge that has been presented to the management of Vapiano as a result of using chip cards is the frequent loss of chip cards by customers. Here, an approach that has been employed is to trust customers, and therefore ask them how much they had spent earlier. Currently, plans are underway to introduce chip cards that are more personalised for customers with information such as the names of the customers and the foods that they like most. The relatively low price of meals at Vapiano restaurants has been helpful in appealing to customers who have been visiting the restaurant. Generally, the prices of pasta and pizza range from $7 to $12 (Vapiano 2011). Compare this relatively low pricing to an average of $ 20 in a traditional Italian restaurant. As a result many Vapiano restaurants have been seeing an increase in the number of customers that visit their stores with an average of about 500 guests per day in most rest aurants (Vapiano 2011). The average turnover per each of the Vapiano restaurants was about two million euros in 2011 (Vapiano 2011). The average operating costs for each of the Vapiano restaurants was about one million euros. Here, about 30% of the costs were as a result of material costs and the chip technology. A further 30% of the cost resulted from labour expenses. Thus, the Vapiano concept has been useful in expanding and managing Vapiano restaurants (Fazzari 2006). Conclusion Through an aggressive campaign that has marketed their unique concept: providing an Italian food experience in a fast food and modern environment, the management of Vapiano restaurants have been able to expand the volume of their customer segment across Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. Here, the management of Vapiano Company has especially introduced a package that has appealed to the young, wealthy, and modern populace that mostly resides in western countries (Koller 2005). Vapiano customers have been able to experience a stylish and modern atmosphere; besides, they have loved the unique services that incorporate technologies; moreover, they have also enjoyed the relatively low prices of meals at Vapiano restaurant (Cuthbertson 2008). Through carefully designed systems, the total arrangement at Vapiano restaurant has been for a youthful and energetic young person that loves to eat out in a modern restaurant. Such youths have not found it difficult to use the chip technologies, and to move from one place to another within the restaurants as they make their orders and payments. References Bowen, R. 1986 â€Å"Evidence on the Relationship between Earnings and management†, The Accounting Review, vol. 4, pp. 713-725. Charles H., 1998, Clock speed – Winning Industry Control in the Age of Temporary Advantage, Perseus Books, New York. Cuthbertson, K., 2008, Investments, Second Edition, John Wiley Sons Ltd, West Sussex. Fama, E., 2005, ‘Managing Restaurants†™, Journal of Financial Economics, vol. 60, pp. 3-43. Fazzari, S. M., 2006, â€Å"Financial Constraints and Corporate Investments†, Brooking Papers on Economic Activity, vol. 1, pp. 141-195. 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